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Health well-being and resilience

When we know where to draw the line, there is a realisation within us. Our inner voice will have times when we will be pulled. In our busy lives, many needs will require attention, and coaching is available to help overcome significant challenges. 

Coaching can replenish and make a difference in sleep or re-energising. Having an honest connection with yourself and your companions will help you recognise that you are not alone. As we become aware, with support, we will thrive at home and work. There is effective training available to rejuvenate and replenish inner resilience.  

Happy Woman

Coaching for health well-being and resilience can enable you to:​ 


  • reduce levels of anxiety and stress 

  • recognise the signs and symptoms of negative stress 

  • identify stress triggers 

  • recognise the benefits 

  • reduce negative stressors 

  • improve physical and mental health 

  • have access to additional online resources 


Taking care requires careful manoeuvring; we have found that our world has shrunk, and we have been privy to much suffering. Coaching research has indicated that 'compassion can collapse' as fear keeps us in 'drive'. It's easy to be overwhelmed, ineffective and unable to draw on our emotional abilities. Research in coaching practice indicates no need to fix it; perfectionism can get in the way. Continual pushing can set us up to fail. It takes courage to resist the usual response to suffering for resilience. In coaching, stay focused on what you can do. Small acts of kindness will have an immense impact. Helping to recharge the inner energy talk for resilience coaching in modern-day life and diverse working environments. 

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