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Looking good and feeling good: Looking good and feeling good: an MOT for the mind, spirit, and the body

Updated: Mar 6

Written by Susan Chan

At Susan Chan New Horizons, we believe that you should never underestimate the power of your subconscious mind! Like most women, l want to look good, feel good, and be energised. So, how do you achieve that feeling? Here is a list of 15 tried, tested tips to have you 'looking good and feeling good.'

·        Determine your goals. Keep a diary. Why do you want to take control of your weight? Write down your target weight and the time frame. Keep a journal of your progress.

·        Recognise that there are interim steps to success. Have plenty of these 'little steps'. Reward yourself every time you hit a target. It can be a massage or a pair of shoes. It does not matter as long as it is something that you love. (No, not chocolate!)

·        For every pound or kilo you lose, put an equivalent weight of sugar into a bag. Lift this up regularly! Note how good this feels. When you are going through a bad patch, this helps you to recognise how far you have come.

·        Some people like to keep a note of all the subtle changes in their body, their weight, hip, bust or waist statistics. A record of this will show how far you have come, giving you the motivation to keep on.

·        Search through your wardrobe and find a dress or pair of trousers in what will be your target weight! Now imagine what it will be like to wear it again. If you don't have such a dress, go out and buy one in your 'dream' size. Keep one of your old 'sacks'. You know that you will never need to wear it again.

·        Tell your loved ones in no uncertain way that you want and expect their support.

·        Realise that not every day will be successful. Don't beat yourself up. Just get on with a new day. After all, it is a new day.

·        Search through the box of photos. Select a few images that remind you of good times…..when you felt good and looked good. Pick out a picture when you did not look your best. Use it to remind you how far you have moved towards your target.

·        Take time to think about what you are eating. You can eat really well and plan your intake. Do not punish yourself by denying all the little treats. Have some but in moderation!

·        By all means, go to a gym if that is your thing, but really, all you need to do is walk a little more or take part in a gentle workout in your home. The internet is full of 'workouts'.

·        Keep in your diary details of people that you admire with success stories to tell.

·        You can have a 'buddy', a life or motivation coach to keep you focussed.

·        Avoid negative people. They can only drag you down. Be aware of those who are jealous of you and your success. Sometimes, you need to keep your inner thoughts safe, away from such people.

·        Continue to reward yourself as you tick off the targets—possibly a new hairstyle or manicure. The new you is now emerging.

·        Continue to visualise the new, healthy you. You look good, you feel good, and you have lots of energy!

If you wish to find out more about some of the techniques that I use, then contact me through the web or by phone (07980 849321) for your next step.

We use hypnotherapy techniques. Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and concentration enhanced by mental and physical relaxation. When you are relaxed and your mind is focused, you can use your mind more powerfully. Hypnotherapy is powerful and effective. Hypnotherapy is one of the most natural, safe, and self-healing techniques available. As you enter a relaxed state, your heart rate, breathing and metabolism slow down. A hypnotherapist can use this state of mind to encourage your inner resources to create desired and beneficial change. Hypnotherapy allows you to find meaningful alternatives to current ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving.

Another technique is through a range of mindful practices, which help you to relax, soothe, and calm the mind. Mindfulness is a meditation technique aimed at focusing the mind on the present moment, producing improvements in symptoms of anxiety and depression, alleviating feelings of stress and enhancing the quality of life. So, what is mindfulness, and how does it work? Mindfulness aims to achieve a relaxed, non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations by directly knowing what is going on inside and outside us, moment by moment. In everyday life, mindfulness is about learning to direct our attention to our experience as it unfolds rather than 'living in our heads'.

In the 'digital download' section of this web, you will see a range of audio downloads in our 'toolkit' that will help you to 'look good and feel good'.


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