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What can you do today to reduce your anxiety, build up your overall health, and be ready for sleep

6 Tips for you to pick up today.

· overhaul your diet: Cut back on items that you already know may not be good for you. Start cutting back with on sugary foods, fizzy drinks, junk food, alcohol, and caffeine. Instead replace with nutritious foods, grains, fresh fruit, and vegetables

· have you considered that this could be the right time to stop smoking?

· eat regular meals and add to your knowledge about good nutrition. Have a breakfast, so that you do not run ‘on empty’ all day. What happens is that you may end up gorging later in the day and into the evening

· exercise. Regular exercise, even a gentle walk relieves stress and helps to make you feel relaxed and happy

· find a little time for yourself each day to learn some relaxation and breathing techniques. Even 5 minutes works!

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