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Facing anxiety, yet able to emerge from the COVID challenge

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

By Susan Chan and Ian Geddes

We all face economic and health challenges linked to the pandemic and the anxiety and mental health issues that exist now and for some time to come. It feels as if we are living in a world of turmoil.


Mindful compassion coaching is not about getting rid of qualities like anger; it is about knowing that when anger arises, we can take action and reduce the pain in our minds and bodies. Mindful coaching can help ease anxieties and feelings of loneliness. The content in our mind matters, but the space in which it is received and how we relate to it is vital. The challenges we face matter; however, what matters more is how we deal with them.


It is said that the lotus flower grows ‘from the mud’. We have emerged from the COVID experience with all its enormous challenges and hardships. It can help to remember that new life often occurs in times of difficulty, and while it is hard to contemplate at this moment, this troublesome period will eventually pass.


Susan Chan @New Horizons has a arrange of supportive audio downloads to help you through these difficult times:

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