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What Happens During A Hypnotherapy Session?

Updated: Mar 6

Written by Ian Geddes and Susan Chan


Our clients seem to be fascinated by the thought of being 'hypnotised'. So, what happens during a session? 


We are clinical hypnotherapists using the subconscious mind to enable you to make the changes that you want to make. We are registered with the General Hypnotherapy Council and follow a code of professional practice. Please do not confuse what we do with the stage show. There is nothing to be alarmed about. To understand the word 'hypnotherapy', it may be helpful to think of you being in a state of deep relaxation. At all times, you remain aware of what is happening, and your mind will keep you safe. You stay in control.

So what happens? Once you have made an appointment, we will have time to establish rapport, and we need to listen to what you are telling us. Often, the anxiety, phobia, confidence issue or addiction will lead to more in-depth discussion and understanding. We note that you want to make that change. At this stage, we discuss the possible programme.


Hypnosis, often combined with other modern psychological techniques (such as NLP or Mindfulness), is natural, quick, and permanent. The number of sessions varies and is assessed accordingly, and this will be agreed upon.


When you are in a state of deep relaxation (a hypnotic state), the subconscious part of your brain is ready to be reprogrammed more healthily or desirably. Remember, you choose to accept or reject the suggestions to allow that change to take place. It is your mind, and you are always in control.


There are several approaches that we can use. We call upon all your senses. Sight. Taste. Touch. Sound. Smell. In this relaxed state, you can visualise, imagine, look back, and look forward to the change in the future. You can break away from old habits and addictions and tackle issues from insomnia to a lack of confidence and stress.


The power of your mind and positive thinking can allow you to make the change that you want. A session will come to a conclusion by bringing you safely back from your state of deep relaxation. You will remember everything that happened and feel relaxed and calm. 

Sessions should not be dissected and over-analysed by you. Hypnosis works. Usually, you will be given some 'homework'!


So, if you want to make that change, take that decision to make the first step and act on it today by contacting us.

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