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 Weather the Storm 

Join us as we create space and time in this chaotic world to find calm, settle, and relax. Our, ‘To Weather the Storm’ sessions are held on Sunday evenings, via Zoom at 8.00 pm. These 30-minute sessions are free, dedicated to you, and the wider community. Join us, but please contact us first since you will require a link and password to join.

Online Sleep and Stress Centre

We need sleep, and sometimes the harder we try, the tougher it becomes, we then become anxious and feel stressed out. At our Sleep and Stress Clinic, we offer a range of relaxation techniques and approaches, audio downloads, and ‘one to one’ sessions to reduce your anxiety levels, find calm, and slow down your active mind. At this moment with COVID restrictions, the Centre is open for online, and phone consultations.


At this troubled time of high levels of anxiety, uncertainty, and personal challenge we can help you attain both personal and professional growth, through our holistic, integrated practice and coaching approach. When things seem tough we also help you to re-balance, gain resilience, and strength. We are positive change consultants.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

This live online version of the MBSR course allows it to be offered in the comfort of your home. The whole course is taught live online via Zoom, and you will engage with the teacher and interact with other participants through your computer, laptop or phone during the weekly sessions. The 8 session programme started on

Monday 19th April (10.00 to 11.30 am) The next course will shortly be announced. Contact me for further information.



Please connect with our clinical hypnotherapy page on this site. As an outcome of COVID and all the challenges that we have to overcome, we may have lost our ability to relax, lost some confidence, or even found it hard to shake off anxiety. Possibly, your sleep patterns have been broken and you may have fallen back on unhealthy options for looking after yourself. You may have questions about hypnotherapy, check our FAQ page and contact us.


Solution Focus Therapy

At New Horizons we work to help you bring about the change that you desire. Solution -Focus -Therapy, is a goal-directed joint approach to change, that will focus on solution-building. We explore your resources and future hopes, by acknowledging past and present problems and make changes for your health and wellbeing.