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Susan’s mission is to promote personal health, well-being, and equality at work and in life, focusing on providing equal opportunities to everyone and protecting people from being discriminated against. She believes in equality, diversity, and inclusion, recognising, respecting and valuing differences in people.


She consults and offers individual sessions on anxiety, de-stress, resilience, and mindful compassion, as well as offering group sessions and workshops. Susan is a coach, psychotherapist and clinical and cognitive hypnotherapist.

Susan delivers training and consultancy work with various organisations, such as Dumfries House, Scot.Gov, Education Scotland, the EIS, Hodder, Ricefields, and SAMEE.

Contact Dr Susan Chan: 07980 849321


News and Events:


I am delighted to let you know that I have moved into my new consultancy practice at 25 Barns Street, Ayr. I hope to see you there. I shall, of course, continue to work across Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh and beyond)

You are invited to join the (Zoom) Health and Well-being podcast, 'To Weather the Storm', which runs live every Sunday evening (8.00- 8.30 pm). Please get in touch with us. 

Ayrshire Magazine

I am delighted to inform you that I am now on the Editorial Team for the fantastic Ayrshire Magazine on Health and well-being matters. My first article is ‘Bitesize Mindfulness’ in 15 minutes a day: A guide for beginners'.  Mindful Compassion is a great way to find 'calm and resilience'.

Training events for your workplace:

Coaching with Mindful Compassion for Resilience


An experiential online (Zoom) course for developing your somatic practice and finding time for yourself. I facilitate a heightened awareness of mindful compassion and cohesion. Vital tools for a busy life. For your physical and mental health. More details shortly.


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