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Susan's Story

My story …. so far!

In all aspects of my work, I wish to promote...

                   Equality: Diversity: Inclusion

I am a coaching and wellbeing consultant offering services across Scotland,  the UK and beyond.  I am available for private consultations, workshops, training and consultancy.

‘Life is for living. Live with purpose and no regrets!

I am passionate about helping people to unlock their potential. I feel that I am a creative and energetic change consultant. I work with dynamic and positive people who are ready to embrace life.

At New Horizons, we have an experienced and proven track record, and with my principal associate, we help people to re-balance, gain resilience, overcome stress and attain positive mental health and well-being. We also offer ‘in-house training’ and digital platforms, CPD, leadership, innovation and positive change programmes. I offer supervision and mentoring.

Susan Sept 2016 YMCA.jpg

My Professional Bio

I have a Master's degree from the Business and Society faculty at GCU, and also an MSc from Aberdeen University and a B.Sc. (Psychology) from the Open University. I have an 'advanced coaching diploma', 


For over 20 years, I have advocated on behalf of social inclusion, diversity, equality, intergenerational resolution, and mental health. I am proud to be a consultant with SAMEE in their ‘Leadership, Mentoring & Wellbeing Programme.  I am a lead consultant at Dumfries House, Health, and Wellbeing Centre, for mindful compassion and hypnotherapy. I am a psychotherapist and 'Master Coach', media consultant, author, and specialist in developing digital tools and podcasts. As a consultant, I have presented to groups across all levels of business and education, and I am a business mentor with the Chamber of Commerce. I established my own business, 'Susan Chan Associates' and 'Susan Chan at New Horizons', providing clients with their personal and professional growth toolkit. During the last two years, I have offered weekly podcasts for clients, people, and communities affected by issues relating to COVID.

My studies are not over! I am currently working towards a Professional Doctorate in leadership and coaching.

My Personal file

So, what about me?! I love music and art, especially being creative with my wonderful grandchildren!  I like to describe myself as an adventure traveller, whether it be in the rain forest of Borneo, on a camel trek in Morocco, trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas or just sitting on a beach/ mountain in Scotland. I seem to have acquired my own mini zoo, with dogs, a cat, a tortoise and numerous fish.

Sabah 2004_126 Leach Socks Copy.jpg

Exploring in the rain forest of Borneo with my husband and principle associate Ian Geddes

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