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Welcome to the New Horizons Membership page

There are many benefits when you decide to become a member
We have three different levels of members: Find out which level is the best match for your need at this time:
Give us a call now, if you wish to discuss membership


Choose your pricing plan

  • Complimentary

    Free Plan
    • Newsletters with blogs, advance details of events and offer
    • Weather the Storm’ access
    • Live meditation and relaxation
    • Sign up Hot button
  • Advanced Package

    Every month
    • As the Level 1 Package
    • Access to Members’ Area
    • Individual 1-2-1 session every 12 weeks
    • Enhanced newsletter/ news/ event support
    • Advanced rates for all additional events and workshops
    • Sign up Hot button
  • Full Club Package

    Every month
    • As Level 1 and Advanced Packages
    • A bespoke action plan for personal/professional growth
    • An individual 1-2-1 coaching once a month
    • Access to additional audio podcasts
    • Advanced rates for all additional events and workshops
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