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Clinical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Promoting positive change through


By coming to our web page, you may well have decided that now is the time for a change.

We can help you to:

  • feel good with a healthy body and a healthy mind

  • work with you to make that change that you want

  • take back control over your negative thoughts

  • regain balance and harmony in your life

  • let go of anxiety and stress

  • embrace life and happiness

  • live again, find joy and calm


Our world today can be hectic. Our lives can be stressful and chaotic. We offer you the opportunity to let go of what holds you back, change those negative habits and get on with your life.

Our range of services for you

At Susan Chan @New Horizons, we use a range of modern psychological and positive motivation change techniques to help you make the change you desire:

This list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea of the wide range of fears, phobias, stresses and anxieties common in everyday life. It may also be possible to work by phone or ‘Zoom, What's App’ or ‘Skype’.

Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Weight Control

Hypnosis Induced Gastric Band (HIGB)

Past Life regression

Smoking Cessation and other ‘stop habits’.

Fears and Phobias

Fear of flying


Anger Management

Pregnancy Relaxation

Positive pregnancy

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Gambling addiction

Performance in sport









Performance in interviews

Sleep Problems



Examination performance

Fear of public speaking

Allergies and skin disorders

Childhood anxieties

Relaxation for Children

Preparation for Retirement

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Overcoming procrastination


Social media compulsion





We know how important it is to get sleep.  In our sleep clinic, we get you back on track. You need your sleep more than ever... it's essential, not a luxury.


Weight control

Let go of the weight that sits heavy on your body, mind, and spirit. You have within you, all the resources needed to control your weight. Deep relaxation can empower you to achieve your target and give you the resolve to use your subconscious mind to eat more healthily and create good eating habits.



For many of us, life has never been as complex. We can juggle the demands of home, relationships, work and carry the expectations of not only ourselves but also those of others. It is so easy to become trapped, feeling anxious about what has happened, what is happening and what could happen. 



Sometimes we adopt bad habits, that make sense at the time. However,  when we reflect, these habits may not be good for your well-being and overall health. You can break those habits. You can 're-boot' your brain, and make the changes you wish.



There are times when you need to be ‘kind to yourself. Find a calm and quiet place where you can relax. You will feel yourself gently falling into a state of deep relaxation, where your subconscious will accept suggestions that will leave you with that feeling of greater well-being.

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