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In one-to-one coaching, you meet with your personal coach who helps you to unlock your potential, maximise performance, and enable positive change in your life. Through confidential discussion, Susan will help you to assess your needs, identify and understand what motivates you, develop skills and tools to help you accomplish more, set personal goals, and remove blocks to your achievement.  One-to-one coaching is focused on you. Susan acts as a 'change consultant' for you to achieve more: a partner in your transitional process.

The coaching process starts with a short complimentary session, exploring your needs. Contact us today. During this period of Covid restrictions, our Coaching consultancy remains open for online and phone consultation.




Guiding you to your full potential

We deliver high quality and individually tailored services underpinned by excellence, authenticity, and compassion. Contact us today for an 'introductory explore' discussion.


Our one-to-one executive coaching sessions help people to achieve their aims, cope with the world around them, and move on from issues (e.g. anxiety and stress) by creating the conditions for, and the tools to create, personal balance, resilience, and growth.

Our approaches include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindfulness, and other positive, modern psychological techniques.


COVID has changed how we live, work, and interact with each other.  Our one-to-one coaching techniques encourage you to assess and identify your needs and create your own goals and desired outcomes, in a world that has new relationships and connections.

Our One-to-One  Coaching Process

The above also includes.

Personal confidence, performance, and motivation boosting, using:                                                        

  • mind training techniques

  • strategies to reduce anxiety

  • personal stress auditing

  • a personal toolkit for resilience and de-stressing

  • career coaching

  • access to web resources

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