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Susan Chan @ New Horizons

To 'Weather the Storm'

Join us as we create space and time to find calm, settle, and relax, in this chaotic world. It’s a sure way to enhance the conditions for resilience. Our, ‘To Weather the Storm’ sessions continue to be held every Sunday evenings, via Zoom at 8.00 pm.

These 30-minute sessions are free, dedicated to you, and the wider community. Please contact us either by email ( or via our contact page at since you will require a link and password to join.

Sleep Clinic @New Horizons

Since lockdown, you may have found that your sleep patterns have changed. Get help and have the deep nurturing refreshing sleep that you know your body needs. Sleep may have been difficult to get back, perhaps you wake up during the night, sleep lightly, or find it hard to get to sleep. There are holistic ways in which we can help, for deep natural sleep. At the Sleep Clinic, we can help you to find ways to find calm and re-set sleep rhythms.

Especially at this troubled time of high levels of anxiety, uncertainty, and personal challenge we can help you attain both personal and professional growth, through our integrated practice and a contemplative approach. When things seem tough we also help you to re-balance, gain resilience, and strength. We are positive change consultants.

Our aim is to make a positive difference and to provide support to help you become more effective and resilient. On the digital services link, we offer a range of new audio downloads, to help you to, 'Weather the Storm', at


We offer:

  • access to our 'Sleep Clinic'

  • a range of audio downloads for 'anxiety, destress, relaxation, and resilience

  • individual or business personnel coaching

  • in-house, location-based, and web resource training

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • leadership, innovation and positive change courses

  • supervision and mentoring

To see what we do click on the the links below


One-to-One coaching:  click here

Business-to-Business:  click here

De-stressing, Relaxation, Resilience: click here

For Summer, 2022, we are offering a range of individual and group courses covering:

  • stress management training (including de-stressing for personal and workplace change)

  • positive mental health

  • a personal audit for 'life balance'

  • mindfulness training for your specific needs

  • resilience building

  • stress auditing

  • mission and value training

  • anxiety reduction strategies

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Susan at Ayrshire Business week

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