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Susan Chan @ New Horizons works closely with a team of associates, all experts in their own fields. Our associates are brought in when their specialist skills are required, whether for writing and creating up-to-date materials, organising new events, or delivering aspects of a course.

Susan Koto Kinabalu.jpg

Ian’s background is in senior management, motivation and CPD delivery. He is an author, blog writer and columnist. Ian offers courses on public speaking, confidence and communication skills. Ian leads challenge treks and trips to Morocco, Iceland, and Switzerland as well as a football radio presenter.

Ian Geddes  

Senior Consultant and Presenter


Michael Kavanagh

Digital Programme Consultant

Donald Scott

Communications Consultant

Hel's Kitchen July 2019 (29).jpg

Helen Cosgrove

Presenter and Consultant

I am a BACP Registered Person-Centred Counsellor, with a background as a psychology tutor in FE, a sports psychologist, mental health and professional development in mindfulness with Susan Chan Associates and CBT with Grove Training. I am an adviser and circulation expert with A Vogel, UK.

Dr. Helena Mahoney

Presenter, Advisor and Consultant

I am an international consultant who combines extensive management and leadership experience with a passion for food and cooking. I started Hel’s Heavenly Kitchen in 2017, offering a holistic approach to well-being; My food and nutrition expertise focuses on both physical and emotional health. I am available for food, lifestyle and well-being coaching, training, workshops, and consultancy.

Margaret Maxwell.jpg

Paige Anderson

Photography and Design

Margaret Maxwell 

Presenter and Consultant

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