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I signed up for your ‘Authentic Leadership, Developing Presence’ course. I found that my organisational decision making was enhanced and we were able to promote insight, initiative, impact and integrity, for the greater common good.

MTS Higher Education (Kent)

What a fantastic resource this company is! The impact on the staff members who attended (including me) has been tremendous, so much so that we’ve started to look at and adapt our working procedures. An added bonus has been the on-line back-up and additional resources that are available allowing us to continue our ‘de-stressing’!

JC  Broadcaster, Media & Events Production

I worked with Susan Chan, the founder of the company, and found her to be a truly inspiring professional who works with integrity and to high standards in all that she does. Both Susan and her company share her ethical values and range of expertise. As the former Chief Executive and President of XXXX, and currently as a University Chair of Court, I have experienced the core value of ‘making a difference’, taking cognisance of the challenges facing leaders and a holistic approach to their personal and business development.  


Susan and DL.jpg

I have worked with both Susan Chan (founder) and Ian Geddes (co-founder and Principal Associate). They are award-winning de-stress, motivation, health, well-being and fitness consultants and work to get the very best of the best. They have over 20 years of experience in first class sectors. Their mission is to enable people at the top to keep fit, healthy, positive and fulfilled and to ensure their resilience, compassion and kindness within a competitive world. It is their belief that we are all linked within the global community and that we all have the potential to grow and develop to shine through diversity. Often when we strive in a competitive world the demand of a corporate life can take its toll on their people. More than anything else it is the importance of harnessing resources from within to ensure complete body and mind fitness, so that you can ‘shine brilliantly like a diamond’.


Denise Li  Chairman & CEO at GlobalChina Wealth Management Limited

Denise Li

Today’s course on creating a personal toolbox on mental health for resilience and de-stress was brilliant! Thanks. I returned to my workplace able to put into practice several strategies.

BS Educator (Fife)

Highly skilled mindfulness coaching, drawing on extensive professional psychology and mindfulness experience to listen and encourage. Through my coaching sessions, I have been empowered to incorporate more mindful practices in my leadership, entrepreneurial and personal life, too. Thank you!  

HL     Leadership and Change Management, Institutional researcher, Principle Fellow of HEA

Our coaching sessions helped me to focus on new creative projects and career choices. I was challenged and motivated not just to talk and dream about things but to do them.  Empowerment!


RU  (UN Ambassador, Broadcaster and Author)

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